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23 years of experience

More than 20 years of successful business is proof of our quality and competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

Over 1.500.000 m2

1.500.000m2 iso-glass
20.000 m of indoor and outdoor glass fences
1.500 shower cabin
1.000 kitchen screens


Speed, expertise, quality and precision are just some of the features that connect with our company!


We are located in Posušje, in Čitluk, and we are at your disposal for any kind of problems with your living environment that include glass, which, due to the development of modern architecture, has more and more. But once you contact us, these problems are no longer your concern.

More than 20 years of glassware experience as well as our expert staff and the most up-to-date glass processing machines are proof of our quality and service.

What makes us the leading company in this business is precise measurement, proper glass selection, precise and correct assembly and our professional staff with years of experience.


Glass fences are an extremely important detail whether it is an interior or an exterior. The sophistication of your business object or your home today is an easy solvable problem. The glass fence your home gives personality to your business object elegance. Let your building or home be complemented by a quality and modern glass fence, and our experience will be your guarantee of a high quality and precision glass fence. Pictures of previous works are in the photo gallery.


The glass between the kitchen elements has become an indispensable detail whether it's a newbuild or a refurbishment. More efficient cleaning, time saving and your nerve are just some of the things you will get by installing glass between kitchen items. A wide opus of paint and drawings for your kitchen will give you an extra note of the modern, classic or avant-garde style that is hidden in you. You can look at some of the drawings in our photo gallery.


Shower cabins are intimate spaces for relaxation after a hard day's work or before bedtime. Make this space modern and efficient, and express your personality and relax in the elegance provided by our company. Accurate measurement, quick service, assembly and expert staff will make your shower function functional in a very short time. You can see the pictures in the gallery.


A glass facade is the face of your building. Functional, economical, modern, are just some of the epithets that contemporary architecture gives to glass facades. Choosing the right glass for your building can put yourself in the very top of modern architectural energy-saving solutions. Our goal is to bring your building or facility to perfection using the latest state-of-the-art glass as well as the modern technology of making glass facade itself. Look at our works in the gallery.


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Mario Ćuk

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E-mail: pikicstaklo@gmail.com


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Tel/Fax: +387 39 681 869

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